Saturday, 12 April 2008

The Young Geographers Project has been launched on the GA website

The first of our our Young Geographers project resources, written by Jane Mulligan of Austrey Primary School, Warwickshire has been added to the Geographical Association website. Click on the page image to be taken to the website.

This new project for primary schools focuses on four key areas: engaging in practical curriculum making, 'living geography', Learning Outside the Classroom and Education for Sustainable Development.

An earlier reference to the Sheffield Project can be found in a post I made on this site in January.

Further information about the work of the Canterbury Project can be found on the blog of my colleague Paula Owens.


Anonymous said...

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Wendy North said...

Thank you for leaving your message. It's really good to know that this blog is being read as far away from the UK as Brazil. The Cluster Map shows lots of other worldwide hits too - which is fantastic.