Friday, 24 July 2009

Starting from Picture Books – The Sea and Coast

Approaching curriculum planning with GEOGRAPHY and CREATIVITY in mind:

  1. Use the books to provide you with the outline plan for a short or medium term unit. Three books that could provide a useful starting point for a KS1 & lower KS2 link ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY through GEOGRAPHY & SCIENCE.
  • One World, Michael Foreman 0-09-983480-4
  • High Tide, Low Tide, Mick Manning & Brita Grandström 0-7496-4181-9
  • The Rockpool, David Bellamy & Jill Dow 0-7112-1386-0
  1. Use the book in conjunction with an outline planning frame to identify key learning concepts that will be the focus of work with your class. An exemplar frame has been provided for `What if? (Mick Manning & Brita Grandström)
  1. Decide which are the two/ three most important geographical concepts listed on the frame. These will form the basis of the children’s learning so highlight them. Do the same for other subjects. The time that you are able to devote to this unit/project will influence your choice.
  1. Identify additional resources that will help you provide more in-depth learning in relation to identified concepts.
  1. Plan activities to support learning.


To ensure whole school continuity and progression you will need to identify where key geographical concepts will be taught by each class in school and map this onto your whole school plan.

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