Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Flip Flotsom - exploring the idea of sustainability through the journey of the humble flip-flop in Kenya

I've just come across this poem and video on YouTube (though you may know it as it's been around since at least 2003). I think both are wonderful - the poem and video are lyrical explorations of what happens to a `flip-flop' from the time it is manufactured to the time it is recycled.

Flip Flotsam

This is the beach
where the flip flops come
at the end of their
flip flop trip.

And where does a
flip flop trip begin?

the floor of a flip flop factory;
on the shelf of a flip flop shop;
or the foot of a flip flop fan?

See Elspeth Murrays website for a full version of the poem (and lots more too!) She sounds really great and has done lots of work in schools.

You will find the video on You Tube

This video is also available from Jouneyman Pictures who have lots of documentary videos available to support geography though not all are suitable for primary children.)

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