Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Jewel of Muscat - a new website

`Videos, photos and information on how Oman and Singapore are reconstructing a 9th-century Arab ship.'

It's great to find a website that can help children in the UK understand a little about how trade and exploration happened in other parts of the world.  This one focuses on the reconstruction and sea voyage of a traditional Muscat trading ship.  There's an interactive trading game that children will enjoy.  It will introduce them to trading ports in Asia that they might never have heard of.  The educational activities I looked at appear rather limited in scope - but this is still early days for this site.  There is much here to recommend and I think it will grow into a very useful resource.  Click here to view >>>

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Wendy North said...

I've just received a comment written in Chinese characters - thank you for replying to this blog post. I'm sorry that I cannot read your comment and I'm really looking forward to finding out what you say. If you can re-send a version in English I will be happy to add your comment. Many thanks