Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Geography and the Global Dimension - Update

Two years have passed since we began our project and we have now begun our face to face dissemination phase in Sheffield.  Those of us involved in the project have had a wonderful experience.  Our project teachers enthusiasm has been great and they've come back with lots of stories of the ways their own children's critical and creative thinking has been engaged.  We now have a separate Website/ Blog where we share ideas and resources.

A great place to start would be with Zoe's account of teaching about Chembakolli, where her Year 3 children took the example of the Adivasi people's activism as a motivational starting point to change themselves and their own attitudes and behaviour in school - so their reaction certainly wasn't, ` Those poor people - what can we do for them?' but rather, `The Adivasi changed things in their lives - what can we change in ours?'

Alternatively you might want to check out:

Year 1:  Africa: Your School, My School

Year 3:  Local & Global (Zambia)

Year 3:  Chembakolli

Year 5:  Water, water everywhere

Year 5: Mountains

Year 6: The World on Your Feet

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